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The broker that is actually on your side!

MyCover is committed to provide only the best with around 150+ insurance products and 100+ insurance policy covers. You will find our plans fairly easy to understand under our guidance. You will also leave happy and content with our claim management system. We are here to solve all your queries and deliver insurance that perfectly suits your requirement.

Our Motto

With us, you will enjoy insurance shopping!
Insurance is meant for your protection and we hate the fact that you are afraid of it. The insurance industry itself created this fear and we want to change that by ensuring you know what you are buying. To make sure people want insurance, it is essential to make it less intimating. We want to make getting your claims as congenial as it can be; you deserve it.


How We Work.

  • Really hard!

    We give you the right choices of plans and policies; it is our duty to ensure that you clearly grasp the options we give you. It is your right to choose what you deem fit for your needs.


A bunch of good hearted people.

This is a group of people who really wish to see a new dawn for the insurance industry. We really know the industry well and we explain it to you as well. As they say, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough. They understand the nuances of the industry and work towards making it as likable as possible. We are working towards it and in the meanwhile, we would like you to meet us.